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Ambazonia Council Blacklisted Anglophone Politicians



The Ambazonia Governing Council under the leadership of Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas has blacklisted six prominent Anglophone politicians for practicing Pan-Cameroun politics. In a communique issued by their spokesman Roland Tewure Fominyam, they said these leaders are not doing politics for the good of the Ambazonia people. Part of the communique read
“..Let the Ambazonian People (Former British Southern Cameroons) know this and understand that doing politics with La Republique du Cameroun is not in the interest of the Ambazonia People but in the interest of the individuals seeking to satisfy their individual political career for example but not limited to the following personalities:

1) Ni John Fru Ndi (everlasting chairman SDF)
2) Prince Ekosso (USDP Presidential candidate)
3) Dr Christopher Fominyam (independent presidential candidate)
4) Justice Ayah Paul Shine ( PAP presidential candidate)
5) Joshua Osih (SDF contender )
6) Kah Walla

The spokesman went on to lambast greed shown by Anglophone politicians ” Recently we had 16 Ambazonian activists arrested and detained for about 3 weeks, which of these persons ever stood out to speak against the injustices of La Republique du Cameroun against our people? Which of them even bothered to offer them just a cup of water or even a loaf of bread ? They claims on paper about Ambazonia but it is practically not going to be achieved because they are all manipulators….”

The Council went on to offer hope to Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians) “The Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC) under the leadership of DrAyaba Cho Lucas is hereby asking the People of Ambazonia to know and understand that their freedom is in their hands and not in the hands of any politician(s) or political party. This has been proven demonstrated by the Ambazonia Common Law advocates and the general population who gathered to support the detained heroes thereby standing to the defence of Ambazonia. If our heroes like Dr Bernard Nsokika Fonlon (of blessed memories) and others by divine wisdom have concluded that we should be on our own, no politician can do anything better as the prevailing circumstances clearly prove so “..the statement read.

“..The AGC leadership is calling on the Youths, in particular, to know that history is beckoning on us to rewrite the story of our country. Let every Ambazonian Youth at home or in the diaspora get aligned under the AGC as we are making tremendous progress… Roland concluded.

Recalled that Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) is that part of the British Mandate territory of Cameroons in West Africa. Since 1961 it has been illegally part of the Republic of Cameroon, where it makes up the Northwest Region and Southwest Region. Pressure groups since 1994 have been clamouring for independence and the Republic of Ambazonia was declared by the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO) on 31 August 2006. Since then till now, many Southern Cameroons activists have been arrested and molested, others are still in detention while some are in for self-exile.

God is still saying something.

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