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Controversies On MAGASCO’S Atlanta Show Ends In Solidarity



The editorial desk of BaretaNews is getting reports that the controversies that came with top Southern Cameroons artist Magasco, following his alleged show on the 21st of May 2017 in Atlanta- United States has come to a graceful end. In a recent Facebook post by Southern Cameroons socio-political activist Mark Bareta, the information was confirmed by BaretaNews. Mark Bareta writes:

“This evening I bring to you good news of hope. Today was named Truth and Justice Ghost Towns and we agreed that this week we shall speak truth and justice into our struggle. Yesterday, I called out our own artist, a wonderful and nice youth like myself Magasco, our Bamenda boy. Yes, I called him out because of the controversial theme on the flyer called Independence Day. Magasco finally reached out to me last night and we had a very fruitful discussion. It was so cordial and lovely. He made me understand the theme on the flyer was never his making but a mistake from the organisers and he has given firm instructions for that to be corrected or else he will pull out of the event. He maintained that there is no artist without a people and thus he can’t be seen going against his own people.”

He continued, “This evening, we spoke again and he just made available to me the new flyer attached herein. This flyer made it clear that it is just a live show in Atlanta meeting his fans. Of course, this is his profession and he is free to attend or organise any event. Without making this thing political, and considering our discussions and assurance, I, therefore call on all Africans be you from the Cameroons, Nigeria etc and most especially Southern Cameroonians in and around Atlanta to attend this show and show some love to Magasco. We as a people must be seen to promote our own. Yes, we must promote our own.”

He concluded by saying that he is a big fan of Magasco and his music Wule Bang Bang drives him crazy. He added, “I love it”, and urged all Southern Cameroons people, Francophones, Anglophones at large to show up in their numbers and support Magasco on May 21st in Atlanta. Mark Bareta finally emphasised that this publication should end all the previous controversies on the event and let Love Lead.

Shout out to Magasco,

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