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United States Congress Passes Resolution 358: Cameroons Conflict Partners Must Dialogue Without Preconditions



United States Congress Passes Resolution 358

The United States 116th Congress 1st Session in Resolution 358 on 7th May 2019 has again called on the Government of Cameroun and Armed Groups to enter into broad-based dialogue without preconditions to resolve the conflict in the Former British Southern Cameroons. The change of language from crisis to conflict signifies a huge step in wordings. This resolution is coming few days after the United States unilaterally called for an informal session of the United Nations Security Council, May 13th 2019.

The resolution was sponsored by House Of Representatives Ms. BASS (for herself, Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, Mr. KIND, Mr. WALBERG, Mr. CASTRO of Texas, Mr. MEADOWS, Ms. OMAR, and Mr. WRIGHT)

Mr. Biya of Cameroun through his Prime Minister has recently said he is ready for dialogue on any issues except SEPARATION. The move goes contrary to USA and international partners stance on dialogue without preconditions. However, Cameroun PM Dion Ngute this morning tweeted and said dialogue is ongoing already. This move brings out the games and bad faith of Cameroun to indicate they are stalling with time to torpedo any strong moves from the international community as the UNSC meets next week

Mark Bareta
May 10th, 2019
14:50 PM

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