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Brazilian City Recognises Ambazonia



Interim Government of Buea

Team Sako Has Done Well

BaretaNews has just been informed that a city has formally recognised the state of Ambazonia. This is s breaking developing. We at BaretaNews want to heartily congratulate #TeamSako. This is the Ambazonia we want to see. That is how recognition is built.

It should be stated that this is the third recognition coming to Ambazonia. We recalled the first from the Lowell City Council, USA from #TeamSisiku and the Basques, Spain from #TeamAyaba

This new recognition coming from a Brazilian Municipality and the Sao Paolo Parliament should be applauded by all and sundry.

Recognition Letter

We must also inform our people that Sao Paulo is Brazil’s financial capital, 12 million people and one of the world’s most populous cities. It’s the most important city in South America . Its like the london of UK or the Newyork of the USA. If the council which has a budget more than the entire budget of Cameroon times 2, and one of the most powerful power brokers in South american richest and most powerful country, then #TeamSako has done great to insert ambazonia into that city. Sao paulo has global prominence than all of CEMAC.

What we want to see now from all these cities or states that have recognised Ambazonia should be real collaboration and the gains from it. We should be able to see them standing for Ambazonia in the international community and supplying us with real resources.

This recent moves calls for one thing only: Increase Action and Resistance on ground zero.

Mark Bareta

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