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Senior Journalist Elie Smith Quits Canal 2 due to his outspoken nature on Anglophone crisis.





Elie Smith, senior journalist and human rights activist has been forced to quit his job in Canal 2 English because of his outspoken nature in regards to telling the truth concerning the current Southern Cameroons struggle. Elie has never for once minced words when it comes to analysing the current crisis. He calls it as it should be said. We are told some top government officials either wanted him out of all programs in Canal or he must dance to their tune in what he says. Reports indicate he bluntly informed Canal 2 management that he cannot work in such a condition. Elie Smith went on to confirmed that the flagship program on Canal 2 English which he championed amongst others was suspended because authorities do not want to see him, talk less of his fearless stance on Anglophone crisis. He is currently working as correspondent to Reuters. BaretaNews wants to salute Mr. Elie Smith for standing strong and we continue to ask God to protect and guard you. The people of Southern Cameroons stand with you. You represent an epitome of the type of Journalist we would want to see in a restored Southern Cameroons.

No one pruned to watching programs on Canal 2 International will claim not to have noticed him. His numerous, straight to the point and professional interventions both in English and French on the Anglophone Problem have left a mark in the minds of many. At the time when a serious crackdown from government towards unleashed Anglophones was at its apex, he stood his ground to sound his mind to whoever wanted to heat him. He spoke the truth gently and loudly. He braved the threats and stood for justice. Of course he knew what consequences awaited daring citizens of his calibre.

Today, it has costed him his job. I am sure he is not regretting because he yielded to the call of his conscience. He listened to the voice of his inner man and stood for the oppressed. He is a press hero. He surely will not miss his reward. That is the real spirit of the struggle.

On the other hand, it’s disturbing to know that if it were a Francophone who said the same things he said and wrote the same articles he wrote, he will go away with it. After all most of his co-panelists of French expression said things of equal magnitude and even worse. Why then is it Elie Smith who is made to stop? Systematic and systemic stiffening of Anglophones on this issue is either a conscious or unconscious preparation of magma. You can’t beat a child and at the same time stop the him from crying, then you are preparing a time bomb.

Kudos Elie Smith you are a media warrior. This has only come to make you stronger. God who lifted you up will not let you down

With file reports from Ekale Bende


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