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Bambui Population On Rampage As Colonial Gendarmes Gun Down 3



Bambui Population On Rampage As Colonial Gendarmes Gun Down 3

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Bambui, Mezam county, has vowed to avenge the brutal killing of a man and his two children by French Cameroun gendarmes.

Sources say an ex-convict who has been fighting over the property with his brother who is the crowned successor decided to set up the successor to the colonial gendarme.

The former detainee according to CNA reported to French Cameroon forces in Tuba Local Government Area that, the legitimate successor was an Ambazonian fighter.

At this point, the blood testy colonial gendarme invaded the residence of the innocent man, killing him and his 2 sons on the spot.

The population of Bambui, angered by the colonial brutality has resorted to sick justice on behalf of the 3 victims.

At the time of this report, the ex-convict who set up the stage for the drama remains on the run days after the man and his two sons were brutally murdered.

It has gradually become the new normal that, people use the ongoing Ambazonian war of Independence to settle old scores.

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