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Bambili: Activities Shutdown As Amber Fighters launch Counter Attack Against Colonial Soldiers



Bambili: Activities Shutdown As Amber Fighters launch Counter Attack Against Colonial Soldiers

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian fighters in Bambili a locality hosting the University of Bamenda have launched an aggressive attack against French Cameroun soldiers.

Earlier on Tuesday, April 5, Ambazonian forces took charge of the University of Bamenda and its environs where loud gunshots were heard.

The outing, according to local media reports was prompted by the recent murder of a man and his two sons by colonial gendarmes operating in the area.

The population has been in support of Ambazonia forces who are poised to avenge the brutal killing of the said 3 civilians.

As BarataNews had earlier reported, a man who is on the run reported his brother and his children to colonial gendarmes that they were Ambazonian fighters.

This scheme was intended to eliminate his brother and two sons after they had a land dispute.

One week after the French Cameroun gendarmes carried out the act, the population joined restoration fighters to seek justice on behalf of the deceased father and his two sons.

On Tuesday, the people’s restoration army in Bambili came out powerfully to begin the process to avenge the laws of the three ordinary citizens.

Their outing resulted in the closure of business activities as streets remained completely empty throughout the presence of the Ambazonian forces.

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