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Ndian Traditional Rulers Connive With Colonial Regime To Sabotage Freedom Course



Ndian Traditional Rulers Connive With Colonial Regime To Sabotage Freedom Course

By Mbah Godlove

Chiefs of Ndian county have taken side with the government of French Cameroun to obstruct the quest for Ambazonia’s independence.

After participating in a recent illegal regional election on Sunday December 6, the compromised leaders went on to ridicule locals.

They declared with all boldness that the said disbanded election would put an end to the deadly armed conflict which has been raging on for over four years.

The Ndian chiefs claimed it was time for restoration fighters to drop their arms, stressing that a new status was about to be accorded Ambazonians for peace to return.

Some locals have however expressed bitterness with their traditional rulers for colluding with the enemy against them.

The inhabitants castigated the traditional authorities for suddenly becoming power drunk to the level that they behave like politicians instead of custodians of the land.

It is worth mentioning that Ndian remained shutdown on Sunday as colonial soldiers led the chiefs to take part in the controversial election.

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