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Bali Nyonga Population In Tears Over Brutal Murder Of Illustrious Son




Bali Nyonga Population In Tears Over Brutal Murder Of Illustrious Son

By Mbah Godlove

Denizens of Bali Nyonga local government Area have been grieving following the brutal killing of a civilian by French Cameroun soldiers.

Shortly after FM Grand Pa of the Bali Nyonga Boffalos received classified information that the said local government area was going to be invaded by forces of occupation, it did not take long for it to happen.

Earlier on Monday, November 8, a contingent of colonial soldiers entered Bali Nyonga with the desire to crush any person they came across.

About 5:30 am, a man believed to be in his early thirties set out to go and do some work on his farm.

On his way, he was molested by the colonial soldiers who would later shoot him to death.

The killing of the young man has left denizens in tears as many continue to weep 24hours after the incident.

The population says they need Justice for the cruel treatment of locals by colonial forces.

Weeks ago a woman was shot dead by French Cameroun soldiers during a church service at the Bali Ntah fuang Presbyterian Church.

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