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Outrage, Consternation In Ambazonia As Colonial Forces Gun Down Pupil In A Month



Outrage, Consternation In Ambazonia As Colonial Forces Gun Down Pupil In A Month

By Mbah Godlove

There has been widespread condemnation in Ambazonia and beyond after a police officer shot down a pupil on her way from school.

Targeting school kids and learning institutions has become a new normal for French Cameroun’s defense forces whose barbarism hardly goes unnoticed.

About 1:00 pm Friday, November 12, Tatow Brandy, a primary school pupil was shot dead by a colonial police officer.

The incident which occurred at New Road Junction, Nkwen-Bamenda, prompted civilians to parade in the city with the corpse of the seven-year-old.

Barely 48 hours after an Improvised explosive device was detonated in the University of Buea; injuring several students, the forces of occupation on Friday turned the wrath to Bamenda where the seven-year-old Brandy was brutally murdered.

The young Tartaw Brandy becomes the second kid whose life has been claimed by French Cameroun’s security forces in one month.

Today’s sad incident comes after a class one pupil was killed under similar circumstances in Buea.

Some Ambazonian activities have begun clamoring for schools to shut down indefinitely as La Republique du Cameroun’s forces now target school premises and learners.

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