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Coronavirus Prevention: Colonial Soldiers go Haywire in Bamenda



Coronavirus Prevention: Colonial Soldiers go Haywire in Bamenda

By Mbah Godlove.

As the world struggles with the fight to stamp out Coronavirus, the situation is not the same in Ambazonia where locals continuously decry exploitation from French Cameroon Soldiers.

In Bamenda, residents say they are in a double degree of tragedy; brunts of the Ambazonian War on the one hand, economic extortion from colonial soldiers under the guise of fighting Covid-19 on the other hand.

The population say they are exploited by the alien forces, whether or not they respect World Health Organization’s guidelines.

Be it at checkpoints, markets or even on the streets of Bamenda, the people are in peril as they continuously lose money to the forces of occupation.

Speaking to BN on the basis of anonymity, a victim of such exploitation said it was about time the colonial forces were parked out of the city “I am feed up with activities of police officers and gendarmes. Someone somewhere should help us,”.

As it is the case in Bamenda, so too is the situation in other parts of Ambazonian towns and cities.

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