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mass murder scheme in ambazonia



BaretaNews Today’s Updates

1. Professional Cameroun agents (Cameroun military) in a text message sent to Ayah Ayah Abine, President of the Ayah Foundation threatened to kill him and all those involved in the foundation. This came after Cameroun ‘Jealousy’ Kondengui Prison Authorities rejected humanitarian materials brought to Anglophone detainees

2. A video has emerged showing how Cameroun soldiers are burning homes in a locality in Ambazonia. A careful look at the video from the 40-50 seconds, one could noticed a lady inside the house-supposedly it is a spy who showed the vicinity, reasons why Ambazonia fighters are worried about their ladies dating Cameroun ‘Jealousy’ military men

3. Our Lady of Lourdes college is still to come clean after a student was impregnated by a Cameroun BIR guarding the campus. Relatives of the raped girl have been writing to BaretaNews. We at this platform have registered our concerns for the school to come clean or be shut down by restoration forces

4. Ambazonians across the board are very worried with the looks of their leader Ayuk Julius Tabe after they had a clear look at him. Ambazonians are genuinely worried it is either he is not taken very good care of medically speaking or the constant infighting between stakeholders of the revolution is weighing on him. BaretaNews is also concerned but words coming from close associates say President Julius Tabe is doing fine medically but we still insist better attention should be drawn to him

5. BaretaNews has been duly informed of the official announcement of the Ambazonia Peoples National Convention-APNC over the SCBC on Sunday, 13th January 2019 at 9pm prompt. We will be following developments on this and we will definitely come with our own post analysis of such an announcement.

6. Eric Tataw, Southern Cameroons vibrant activist, Chairman of the National Telegraph Board has now announced the creation of the National Telegraph website. The website is being test driven. BaretaNews welcomes the upgrading of National Telegraph into a full blown website.

7. Snipers are now active in Southern Cameroons. Civilians and Restoration Forces must now employ due diligence in their operations and how they move about.

8. In Foreign news, a coaster fully loaded with LRC military capsized along the Yaounde -Douala axis today morning. We hear many Cameroun soldiers are dead with many in critical condition. The name of the bus is Amigo Travel Agency. Ambazonians on social media have been making fun of the incident saying it is the spirit of late General Amigo tormenting these soldiers after they ambushed and killed him in Boyo.

9. The lady who was raped by Cameroun BIR in Jakiri has been sent to the hospital by Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Foundation. The 24 year old mother of a 5 months old baby says she was raped by two BIRs after her husband went to the farm. She is worried and afraid her husband may leave her thereby destroying her marriage. BBC pidgin news has been on the issue. Cameroun military spokesman Colonel Didier Badjeck has refused picking his calls or commenting on the issue after several attempt from BBC News.

10. Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe single words he sent out to Ambazonians after yesterday court session are these ” I appreciate the role everyone is playing and prayed for understanding and forgiveness”. These direct words sent to close associates are pregnant and we must build on them going forward if we must get them out of jail and make sure our revolution yields the fruit in the shortest possible time.

Mark Bareta
Friday, 11th January, 2019

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