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UB Rejects Mayor Ekema Graduation Academic Price Winning Awards








Fake O & A Level Certificates; University of Buea Rejects Prize Donation from Mayor Ekema Patrick, as Pressure Mounts.

A recent decision by the University of Buea to reject an academic award to the youngest graduating student, donated by the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, is not unconnected to the fake certificate scandal linked to the obsessive Buea-based CPDM predator; a source at the university has hinted BaretaNews. Recall, we had earlier reported the findings of an investigative panel set up by the Vice Chancellor of UB, to dig into the veracity of the fake certificate accusations hunting Mr. Ekema.

The findings revealed that the Mayor is guilty of the accusations, and the said panel recommended the withdrawal of his 1st and 2nd degrees in History obtained from the institution. The degrees were awarded after studies, on the bases of the admissions he got with his fake O/A levels certificates. However, political jiggery-pokery and interference from the colonial regime have not allowed the university performed her duty.

The embattled Mayor had donated a prize meant for the youngest graduating student in the 21st Convocation of UB, which took place on the 19th Dec. 2017. Interestingly, the prize was to be awarded to one Ekema Limunga Dorothy, allegedly a family member of Mayor Ekema, who was supposed to be one of the graduating students.

According to a source within the university administration, “accepting such a prize donation from the mayor, undeserving of the said prize-winner, would have further put the credibility of this university at stake, especially as he (Ekema) is awaiting serious sanctions from the university Senate, haven been found guilty of certificate counterfeiting.” “Ekema Limunga, the supposed laureate unfortunately did not graduate this year. So the prize could not be awarded” another administrator at the Central Administration told BaretaNews. “The award was discarded, citing his public display of immoral attitude and lack of public credibility” another source echoed.

Page 19 and last paragraph of the 2017 UB Convocation booklet, acknowledged receipt of Mr. Ekema’s prize, but indicated that it was not awarded, obviously because of the many reasons already stated above.

As the politics of whether or not to withdraw the Mayor’s academic degrees and prosecute him continue to play among university authorities and CPDM barons in Yaoundé, Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Activists and UB Alumni, have also continued to mount pressure on authorities of UB to do the needful and save the image of the institution before the international academic community.

The colonial Secretary General of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in the Southern Zone of Ambzonia, Barister Christopher Tambe Tiku, had filed two separate petitions to the colonial Attorney General in the zone and the Vice Chancellor of UB. He is, in those petitions, requesting the withdrawal of Mr Ekema’s two degrees and to prosecute him for certificate forgery.

In all the unfolding drama, the accused colonial mayor, has remain mute on the matter. Nevertheless, there are reports of him accepting culpability among friends in social gatherings, but also boasted that, the university or any other individual can do nothing to him, so long as the political status quo remains in force.
BaretaNews, has equally taken the responsibility to continue to expose the mafia intertwining this case, so that justice be done and the credible image of UB, the Alma matter of most Ambazonian graduates, be restored. We may also wish to remind the impenitent Ekema Patrick that, even if the rogue colonial regime continues to protect him by not applying the law on this matter, natural law will certainly catch up with him in due time.

With Contributions from; Lucas Muma and James Agbor for BaretaNews

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