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Ekondo-Titi Attack: Ayaba Cho Claims Responsibility



Ekondo-Titi Attack: Ayaba Cho Claims Responsibility

By Mbah Godlove

48 hours after Ambazonian fighters in Ekondo-Titi killed 7 colonial officers in an Ambush, Dr. Cho Ayaba president of the Ambazonian Governing Council AGovC has taken credit for the attack.

On Wednesday March 2, a delegation of French Cameroun Officials including the Ekondo-Titi Divisional Officer, Mayor, and 5 others were crushed by Ambazonian fighters around Bekora, a neighborhood in Ekondo-Titi Local Government Area, Ndian county.

While the colonial regime continue to mourn the 7 souls which perish in the attack, doctor Cho Ayaba says his forces carried out the attack.

The AGovC president in a recent tweet intimated that, the attack was a joined operation by his forces on ground.

” In a joined operation, our forces eliminated the colonial Divisional Officer, the Colonial mayor and 3 other,” he revealed.

He qualified the attack as one which was armed at putting an end to colonialism which he believes is a crime against humanity.

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