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Ambazonia Governing Council National Security Council Officially Names Samuel Ikome Sako, Chris Anu, and others as Cameroun Infiltrators



Independence day speech of the Acting President Ambazonia

Ambazonia Governing Council National Security Council Officially Names Samuel Ikome Sako, Chris Anu, and others as Cameroun Infiltrators

In a six-page document, the AGovC National Security Council has now officially named Samuel Ikome, Chris Anu and 4 others as infiltrators of the Ambazonia Revolution.

The security Council decision which says they shall provide all evidence as stated in the six-page document stated amongst others the reason why Sako-Anu et al are declared as infiltrators.

1. The AGovC security Council reveals that Ikome Sako and Anu received 25.000.000 CFA from Cameroun Prime Ministry. This is the most recent development
2. The hiring of Bulgarian assassins to kill Dr. Ayaba Cho
3. Ordering Ambazonia Forces in Fako State to stop fighting
4. Murdering of fighters and destabilizing ground zero forces. Examples were given
5. Many other reasons

It should be recalled that two years ago, Chris Anu and it’s own IG faction on their ABC TV had declared ADF and its leader as French Cameroun state agents and have consistently maintained that line albeit it has been done without any official statement as the AGovC national security Council has now done.

The AgovC Security Council has called on Ambazonians to stop all working relationships with Sako led group for their own good, calls on defense forces on the ground to exercise their rights of self Defense when dealing with anyone aligned to the Sako led group.
The AgovC Security Council concluded by saying they will now henceforth treat Sako Ikome and Chris Anu as enemies just as how Cameroun is treated.

It should be recalled that Eric Tataw, Ambazonia Activist for the first time earlier on Sunday 5th April 2020 accused Dr. Samuel Sako, as a French Cameroun state agent. Eric on several occasions has stated that Sako works for French Cameroun Government.
BaretaNews and its messenger Mark Bareta shall advise itself accordingly with these recent developments. We will make our position public in due course.

Mark Bareta

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  1. Levis king

    April 21, 2020 at 9:09 PM

    Hahahaha Mark Batata the commendian.

  2. Felix Bongjoh

    April 21, 2020 at 9:27 PM

    All infiltrators must be weeded out. We cannot afford to miss our target of getting to Buea as soon as possible.

  3. Mbeuh

    April 22, 2020 at 1:20 AM

    Is this the way to get to Buea? Childish accusations and counter accusations? Lampooning on one another, calling each other names to the gleeful attention of LRC? Has the revolution become a joke? Yes it has. Factions jockeying for power and position even as our impoverished citizens die daily from the onslaught of colonial invaders. It begets the question, who are we fighting, LRC or one another to get to Buea? Think again folks and think hard!

  4. Ncesta

    April 22, 2020 at 3:24 PM

    What a shame! After all the suffering that people have gone through and are still going through back home, the fact that some of us are stuck outside in foreign countries and can’t go to our favorite places (our villages), the continued killing of our people back home as mentioned by Mbeuh, all i hear these days is the in-fighting between these so-called leaders. I wish for once, these people would actually think about the impact of their actions on the lives of our people. Is the journey to Buea still realistic? I personally feel like the Buea vision is locked in Kondengui. I respect Ayaba Cho for his clear stance since the beginning, but all this fighting means that Buea will remain a dream! No-one is going to handover a people (Ambazonians as a country) to you to destroy with your fighting. I pity our relatives hiding and suffering in the bushes. I pity the many lives that have been lost. For once, you so-called leaders should think about the people who continue to suffer.

  5. Mukong

    April 24, 2020 at 4:43 AM

    Despite the excesses of this criminal pastor call Sarko we still want to talk of infighting. In fact the crux of the matter is this strange idea of beleiving that only unity will take us to Buea. Please even within a family, when someone is as bad as this Sarko, they are immediately disown by the family. What will it take for some of us to see the hand writing on the wall. Evil is evil period; and what we are dealing with here is an unrepentant criminal. Like I said before, the first time that I had set eyes on this criminal pastor, it was at a rally at the Union Station in Washington D.C. I just could not understand how an impostor of his caliber could fool so many.
    Personally, I believe that if Ayaba had been fooled like the other gullible individuals to go and eat Swiss chocolate under the cover that they were being invited to a meeting to discuss the Ambazonia problem, he would have met a similar fate like Dr. moumie. It is just unfortunate how naive some Africans are to always be putting their faith into the hands of others. If we want to win this fight, then we have to recalibrate and take the bull by the horn and believing in others.
    In the meantime, Sarko know that you will refund all the funds I contributed to MTTB whether you like it or not.


    April 28, 2020 at 10:05 AM

    We need an think tank in this revolution. A body that is made of people who think above emotions, interests, powers, self aggrandizement or positioning… to carefully think around the revolution, carry out research on facts independently and advise these leaders of ours who still remain rooted and pinned down and controlled by the interest and powers to the detriment of the cause for which our people are paying the ultimate price.
    The English, Germans, French, Russians… are not friends at all, but they unite for a common benefit and think out strategies to ripe the world of resources. It seems the only joy we have is to accuse, counter accuse, re-accuse, seek to destroy, seek to position ourselves, seek to secure contributions and favour….. and we forget the destructive effect of our actions and “truths”.
    If there is someone I can trust in this struggle more than anyone is Dr Ayaba and many others who have been there when most of us shied away, when most of us knew nothing of who we are, when many of us preferred a compromised position, when many of us were fearful and doubtful…. We should be people who look back into history and be able to evaluate how events evolved not only judge them at time-t. It does not mean that others who join later are not useful or valueless or cannot contribute meaningfully to the realisation of our common dream and the dream of the masses.
    For once lets use the brain more than emotions, unite our efforts and make the struggle less painful to our people. those of us who are not front-line leaders, who are faithful followers of the struggle from the ground are discouraged with infighting be it based on ” truth or lies”, on “mistakes or inabilities”,….
    I here invite Mark Bareta to create a think tank group of specialists who without emotions can direct our visions and actions in this seemingly disgraceful relationship between front-line leaders.

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