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Ayah Paul level paddy Asanga the funny unclothed Diaspora in Africa for Federation January 13, 2019


Some weeks back, someone asked me on the phone and sought to know where in Yaounde he could find me. Without seeking to know his identity, I rashly retorted that, since October 2017, I had been in Buea all along. He expressed deep regrets that he had left Buea for Yaounde, not knowing I was “right there in Buea”.

“But who, by the way, are you?”, I asked. “I am Paddy Assanga; and I am in the country for Cardinal Tumi’s AGC…” He concluded he would do the utmost to meet me in Buea for “one-on-one” discussions before departure…

During his stay, this dubious man went to Kondengui Prison, visiting Anglophone inmates and taking photos with them. He later granted interviews to TV stations, including Equinox TV, Douala, insisting that a federation was the only answer to the “Anglophone Crisis’… He never ever called me again.

And here is where Ayah got convinced that Paddy Assanga was the latest hired official assassin to murder Ayah Paul… As the plot had failed, the hired killer turned elsewhere. Great was Ayah’s dismay when the apparent murderer queried Ayah Paul on the social media, (open to the entire world), on two points, namely, why Ayah should hold that there is no ‘union treaty’ between the Republic of Cameroun and Southern Cameroons; and secondly what was the legal basis for the treaty between Professor Kamto of MRC and Ayah of PAP!!!

Juxtaposing the Paddy Assanga queries in English with the threat from the Kondengui Prison’s Authorities in French, threatening Ayah and Kamto with death for getting into alliance “to sponsor terrorism”, even those with just elementary knowledge of Criminology would strongly infer that the two documents were drawn up by persons present at some scheme to murder; or the one document is the rough translation of the other.

The fun is that Facebook NEVER proceeds against (never suspends) those flagrantly violating their so-called “community standards” so long as those persons speak for or in favour of the Camerouoonianes Government. It would be recalled that the said Camerouoonianese Government invited Facebook to Yaounde for back-door (secret) transactions. In the pursuance of those secret transactions, the Kondengui Prison’s Authorities, (on behalf of the government), can threaten to gun down human beings with absolute impunity…

But this one fact is relevant and most pertinent! Even as it is abundantly clear that Paddy Assanga is more of an IMBECILE, let him procure someone who went to school to explain this to him: No-one can ever see a ball lying and claim that the ball has fallen. NO!!! A ball lies on any part of the body: it never FALLS!!! WHY??? Because the ball is ROUND!!! Very like the globe – this earth under our feet!

Other Anglophone conspirators, traitors and assassins may wish to digest this parable seriously!!!


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