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BaretaNews Exclusive: Hidden Motif Behind The Deployment Of Colonial Troops Unveiled



BaretaNews Exclusive: Hidden Motif Behind The Deployment Of Colonial Troops Unveiled

By Mbah Godlove

The rationale behind the deployment of French Camerounian troops to Ambazonia has been uncovered by a special BaretaNews investigation.

Earlier on Tuesday this week, 350 elements of the Gendarmerie of La Republique du Cameroun landed in Buea to be stationed in all the 6 counties of the Southern Zone.

Meantime, on Thursday January 09, yet another contingent of 350 were deployed to Bamenda, bringing the figures of additional colonial troops in Southern Cameroons to 700 in less than a week.

Contrary to information circulated by the dubious colonial propaganda CRTV and other local media that, the 700 Biya terrorist forces were being sent to provide security during next month’s dispanded local elections, BaretaNews can authoritatively report at this moment that the diabolic elements have been conveyed to act as electorates during the February 09 exercise.

According to a reliable source, the close to a thousand militia were snuggled into Ambazonia to disguise as civilians and vote in order to expose the frailty of pro-independence fighters.

Following this recently unveiled occurrence, BaretaNews’ CEO, Mark Bareta has causioned that all Ambazonians should meticulously respect a lock down announced by Ambazonia Forces due to run from February 07 to February 12, 2020.

To the patriotic activist, anyone spotted taking part in the exercise will be treated by restoration fighters as an anemy.

Just like one-time German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, the highly reverred and renowned Mark Bareta warned that, “this very last bend of the struggle will be determined by ‘blood and iron,'” and not by mere speeches and absolute majority.

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