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Eyumojock Denizens Insist: Release All Abducted And Dialogue On Root Causes









Eyumojock Residents insist on the Release of all Arrested and Frank Dialogue on Root Causes of Southern Cameroons Crisis

The people of Eyumojock and other neighbouring communities have outlined a list of demands that must be met by the colonial government before normalcy can return to the area amongst which they said dialogue must be on the root causes as recommended by the UN. The inhabitants were speaking to a human rights delegation that visited the area recently. Barrister Nkongho Felix, Chairman of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa and his delegation visited on the 19th of November, 2017, in honour of an invitation from the Chief of Eyumojock, HRH Ntufam Ita Jacques, who had convened a meeting with other local chiefs, religious authorities and other stakeholders, to discuss the sociopolitical situation in Manyu County since October 1, 2017.



Writing on the outcome of his visit, Barrister Balla pointed out that; after the meeting which was held at the Eyumojock Catholic Church Hall, his human rights delegation consulted with the local population and surrounding villages to probe into the persisting human rights violations by colonial forces in the areas and also got the worries and demands of the people. After holding discussions and listening to stories of human rights abuses faced by several families, the people insisted on the following demands:


1. The unconditional release of their brothers and sisters from various prisons of the national territory.

2. Safe return from exile for their brothers and sisters and other persons who fled in fear of their safety due to rumors of several names on government lists to be arrested.

3. Withdrawal of the military from the region, because there have been systematic abuses by the army and this is causing the population to live in fear.

4. Guarantee for a safe return for everyone living in refugee camps and shelters in Cross River State, Nigeria.

5. National dialogue on the root causes of the Anglophone problem as prescribed by the United Nations.


After consulting with chiefs, leaders and women, Barrister Balla and his delegation expressed the necessity for the people of Manyu County to come together and seek ways that would enable the save return of citizens in refugee camps across the border. This, according to him is important, particularly because of the poor living conditions in the camps, that further expose the refugee population to other health risks.


The Barrister however advised that, for a safe return of the refugees, a means of transportation must be put in place for the first groups of people willing to return home, and the need to work in collaboration with the authorities in Nigeria, who have been assisting the people. He also maintain that the colonial Governor of Southern zone of Ambazonia must accept a safe passage for the returnees at the border. Meanwhile, for those who may not be able to return home, the Barrister proposed a mobilization of resources to support them.


BaretaNews appreciates the work currently being done by Dr. Barrister Agbor Nkongho Felix-Balla and his human rights organization, especially in listening to, and documenting evidences of human rights abuses on innocent Ambazonians. This will be a work of ready made archives which the Interim government can use to showcase our plight internationally. With all the genocide and human rights abuses, it would be incongruous if the people do not receive justice to the fullest at the end of this crisis.

It is equally the desire of the People’s Platform to see that, whatever is required to be done for the people to regain their normal life, let it be done and this must be within the confines of the Interim Government of Ambawonia. However, adequate care must be taken to ensure that the environment is save for the return of refugees who may want to do so, especially as colonial forces are still on ground executing their normal assignment of brutalization, mayhem, extortion and torture.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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