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Bakweri Elite Red Flag Biya- Declares There Shall Be No School







Open Letter No4 to President Paul Biya.
You have been deceived again Mr. President. Schools will not resume in Southern Cameroons with the release of “some” Anglophone detainees! Dear Mr. President, your decision to enter a “nolle prosegui” (we shall no longer prosecute) against “some” of the detainees in connection with the Southern Cameroons struggle has been received with mix feelings. An overwhelming majority does not see your decision as a genuine gesture intended to initiate dialogue as recommended by the UN. It is perceived as a calculated attempt to secure school resumption and to ignite a leadership battle within the Southern Cameroons struggle along federalism and nationalism sentiments. Let me tell you why?

King Paul Biya

1. People say that the Anglophone detainees did not commit any crime that warranted their arrests, detention and trials in the first place. Because the evidence against them was fatally flawed in light of the claims, a must acquit is what the people expected for a long time before now.

2. People say also that the selective acquittals have only added more salt to injury. And are now angrily demanding the uncoditional relasee of every detainee, especially Mancho Bibixy before anything. They interpret this act as a scheme designed to cover up for some detainees who are feared missing or outrightly eliminated. For this reason, they won’t allow anyone to play over their intelligence. And therefore, insist schools will not resume throughout Southern Cameroons until their demands are fully and completely met.

3. Yet other people view your decision to release a few key leaders as a scheme to instigate division in the Southern Cameroons struggle so that you can continue your reign. Sir, It is an open secret that before their arrests, the consortium leaders you have just released were pro-Federalists (for 2 state federation) whereas, the Southern Cameroons Governing Council stands for restoration (independent State of Southern Cameroons).

Though the release of our leaders is welcome, the timing that coincided with school resumption, diplomatic offensive of SCACUF are seen as a deliberate attempt to divide the struggle into two weak groups with intent reconquir and continue the annexation Ambazonia.Dear Mr. President, if this is the hidden agenda behind your decision to release few leaders as opposed to letting go everybody and trying to find long lasting solutions to the root causes of the crisis, then, I’m afraid this strategy will fail and backfire.

Dr. David, Anglophone Parent

-The people of SC have buried whatever differences they may be nursing amongst themselves to struggle together for the liberation of the homeland.
-The people of SC are tired of living in fear of harassment, arrests, torture, elimination, false imprisonment and marginalization.
– The people of SC believe that their fundamental freedoms can only be enjoyed through separation and restoration and never through the continuation of an unholy union.
-The people of Southern Cameroons no longer trust your regime because it neither keeps its own premises nor respects the highest law of the land. For example, the decentralization and declaration of assets clauses of the 1996 constitution have not been implemented. And this has only aided and abbated marginalization and corruption at the detriment of our scarce natural resources and ageing youth population.

To conclude Mr. President, my objective is to tell you the truth if it can help you address the root causes of this problem and save Cameroon.

1. Schools will not resume until all persons arrested are completely released or adequately accounted for.
2. Schools will not resume in SC until both sides of the problem can meet in the presence of a third party like the U.N. to laydown the foundation for a referendum to be conducted in SC.
3. Schools will not resume in SC unless you remove your army from school campuses. Students and pupils fear the army carrying guns and bullets around schools and not ” diaspora Facebook activists sitting behind keyboards”.
4. Carefully approach this matter as an international crisis and not a domestic issue. In so doing Sir, you will fully appreciate the implications of your acts in connection with the Southern Cameroons struggle.
Those who love peace hate conflicts!

Dr. David Makongo (Senior International Negotiator & Legal Consultant) USA

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