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Mamfe Colonial Mayor died a Coward for Enabling French Cameroun



Mamfe Colonial Mayor died a Coward for Enabling French Cameroun

By Mbah Godlove.

The Lord Colonial Mayor of Mamfe, Prinsly Ashu Ojong died in a severe cross fire between Manyu Restoration Fighters and forces loyal to French Cameroun.

Earlier on Sunday May 10 2020, the enabler led a contingent of occupational soldiers, two in number, to a locality around Mamfe town known as eshobi where he drawned in to the drag net of pro Independence Fighters.

According to a BN source in Eshobi, about 8 kilometres to Mamfe Town, the 35 year old hot blooded colonial Mayor was misled that some soldiers belonging to the Ambazonian course had chosen to drop their guns.

So power drunk, he happily led a gang of three where he was neutralised by Ambazonian warriors in Manyu. The deceased Mayor, our source stated had taken an oath to wipe out all Ambazonian advocates in Manyu and beyond.

Far above his expectations, Restoration Fighters outplayed him and unequivocally told him and his masters, this is war.

His death, many an Ambazonian has described as a diplomatic victory to their course.

He was made Mayor in February following the disbanded council and Paliamentary elections.

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