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Tribute to all Revolutionaries, Restoration Defense Forces and Diplomats of Ambazonia

Many people in this struggle for the restoration of the independence of Ambazonia, in ignorance usually question diplomats and defense forces on what successes they have scored so far in the struggle while pointing out their failures. To those people, I say: if you see nothing but failures in what they have achieved through diplomacy and self-defense, you are still a great inspiration to them because they will only get better, thanks to your criticisms. The more you point out their failures, the more efficient they get in reaching their goals.

There was a time very few people knew the history of Southern Cameroons, now called Ambazonia. Countless conferences, interviews, lectures and write ups explaining the history by leaders and diplomats have made it possible today for any person who has been following the struggle to walk into a High School history class and teach the History of Southern Cameroons. That is an accomplishment.

There was a time Ambazonians lived in ignorance of basic human rights like: the right to self-determination, the right to freedom of speech and the right to self-defense. The oppressor’s intimidation had been so successful that the oppressed sort of loved it and learned to live with it. Now things have changed. From toddlers to great grand parents in Ambazonia, they know these basic rights, thanks to the struggle and the work of enlightenment it has accomplished.

There was a time French language was the intimidation tool used on the people of Ambazonia whenever they dared to express themselves. French language was the master’s language, the language that rendered the victim helpless, frustrated and ready to be submissive. Times have changed. Colonial administrators now stutter and mumble some English in an attempt to pacify the oppressed. Official Communiqués are now written in some English though questionable in quality. The credits here again go to the revolutionaries.

There was a time when any officer from La Republique du Cameroun no matter the rank was the master. Forces of “law and order” could virtually do whatever they wished and walk away with impunity. Fear at the sight of any official, bribing officials, stooping to them, being submissive to them and worshipping them were the norms. Thanks to Restoration Self-Defense Forces of Ambazonia, these same oppressors now thread with caution and fear in the land of Ambazonia. It’s a step forward and an accomplishment.

There was a time when jail time and the infamous prison of Kondengui in Yaoundé were equivalent to death by execution and sent cold sweat running down through the backs of Ambazonians whenever mentioned. This fear has been surmounted and nowadays going to jail for the right cause Ambazonians are fighting for, has become an honorable thing to do than to succumb to intimidation. Leaders in the revolution have been in these prisons and come out stronger and more determined in spite of the deplorable state of the prisons. The more innocent people are dumped into the jails, the more determined Ambazonians are. Proof of this can be seen in the current state of the struggle since the arrest of the president of the interim government and his close associates. Ambazonians do no longer dread prison camps in La Republique du Cameroun.

There was a time when Ambaland was the torture practice field of La Republique du Cameroun as the revolutionary slogan was to resist the oppressor and resist peacefully only. Ambazonians have since moved past that era to self-defense, fighting back and shaming the oppressor. Armed forces of La Republique du Cameroun now dread Ambaland and would do anything to avoid being sent there on duty. Thanks to all units of Ambazonia Restoration Defense Forces across all 13 counties, fear and submission are changing camp. Hats off!

There was a time when the oppressor had the monopoly of information, could withhold the truth and feed everyone with manipulative lies to further their own agenda. That is history now as the people of Ambazonia now control their own information and their media outlets. The people can follow events in real time and expose the evil deeds of the oppressor at anytime. Hats off to all media outlets in Ambazonia from bloggers, social media warriors to radio / TV anchorpersons and reporters. You all are the highly sought after taste of freedom of speech.

Dear revolutionaries of Ambazonia, if you do not count your own successes and celebrate your own victories your oppressor won’t do it for you. The oppressor is busy counting your failures. You can’t join the oppressor focusing on your failures. Failures you will have for sure. Use them as springboards to attain greater heights. Baby steps they may be but don’t stop. Every inch forward counts.

Courage to you all revolutionaries of Ambazonia as you ride on to earn your respect and freedom. No international organization can give them to you. No court can give them to you. You have risen never to fall again.

Written by Ndoh Emmanuel
For Bareta News

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