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Ayah Paul Abine, Chairman of Popular Action Party and current Supreme Court Judge has again written to the Cameroon people. It seems as the Presidential election approaches, the Chairman is trying to win over those Cameroonians who criticised his promotion as Supreme Court Advocate General by the President of the Republic. In a very calm and electoral tone, the Chairman in his official Facebook account spoke to the conscience of Cameroons. He wrote:

My Appointment

Each day, I try to reason with the minority who claim that I shouldn’t have accepted to be at the Supreme Court. Hardly have I been able to come to terms with such reason.

Some say, ‘Ayah Paul Abine has joined government’. But what really is the meaning of government? Basic elementary knowledge it is that government comprise three arms: the executive, judiciary and legislative. If we claim that the opposition should not be part of government at all, then, why have we all not requested all opposition in parliament to quit?

And by the way, as per our supereminent law – the Constitution, these three arms of government are INDEPENDENT. By dint of this, any judge who succumbs to the whims of the executive is unfit for the practice and must resign here and now. You cannot shamelessly proclaim, ‘my hands are tied’ and you call yourself a judge. No! You are an umbrella repairer at Mokolo not a judge!

What gets me the more astonished is that after having consistently rejected the invitation to become a part of ‘Presidential Majority’, people with bad faith continue to label me all sorts of names. Or is it because my appointment was signed by president Biya? For now, Biya is the president of Cameroon and as per our constitution he assigns all magistrates to responsibility. Are you saying that all magistrates who hold opposite political views as Paul Biya should resign? If yes, then how would our judiciary function? Do I need to remind you that even in the United States of America, Supreme Court judges are appointed by the president?

Some hurt me the more by saying that ‘those who have food in their mouths don’t speak’. What food? Do I have any budget that I manage? If AYAH wanted food, AYAH would have signed Presidential Majority to accept a ministerial appointment like the Tchiromas. For the records, since my appointment, I have not had a full salary! I would imagine its a calculated tactic to cow me to submission. They need to think again!

Ayah Paul Abine is not dying to become the president. What I want is a better country for our unborn — a country where all Cameroonians will some day speak the same language, sing the same songs, dance to the same rhythm, dine and wine at the same table. When the rich shall cater for the poor and the strong shall help the weak, the law shall be supreme, justice and peace shall forever reign, if we are honest to ourselves and believe we can get there. If you do not believe in my ‘Vision of a Born Again Cameroon’, present your own vision – I will follow….Ayah concluded.

BaretaNews has always posited that the decision for Ayah to accept his promotion was just and right. Everyone will love to move to a higher echelon in their professional career. Ayah just did his, it was rather unfortunate that Biya is the only one to sign such a decree. We of BaretaNews are still confident that the political integrity remains unshakable. We wish the supreme court judge good luck.

God is still saying something.

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