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Governing Council Cautions Against Muna-Tchoungang Press Release; Warns Any Smear Campaign Against Balla & Fontem



mass murder scheme in ambazonia




The Vice-Chair of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council has called on Southern Cameroonians to allow Consortium President and Secretary General just released to rest. The Council also called for any smear campaign on them on social media to stop. Meanwhile the Council has distant itself and the Southern Cameroons people from the communique exclusively written in French by Barrister Ben Muna and Camerounese Lawyer Tchoungang. Read on


From the Governing Council:

The Governing Council of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia distances itself from the smear campaign going on against the Consortium President and Secretary General, Bar.Balla and Dr Fontem, on social media. These two are just from spending an unenviable 8months in the jails of the enemy. The least we can do for them at this point in time is pray that God increases them in wisdom, and give them a little while for recollection.

About the memo published by the two Bar Presidents allegedly on their behalf, the Governing Council declares they do not speak for the struggle in any way. That document, written and signed in French we are sure, was also forced on Batonier Muna. Nobody doubts that the Muna lawyers are also under life threats because of their previous declarations on the struggle. As for the sitting Bar President, Maitre Tchoungang, we note that he is not a Southern Cameroonian and does not speak for us.

The President of the Consortium and Secretary General are lawyer and language experts and know how to craft beautiful memos, and will speak for themselves. No one should therefore hold them responsible for what their former lawyers put out on their behalf. Except that Bar.Muna and Maitre Tchoungang want to confirm our fears that these two leaders of Southern Cameroons are effectively placed under active “Administrative surveillance”.
That was already abundantly clear to us when they were forcefully taken to the Buea military barracks for instructions, and then presented to the colonial governor in Buea, before whom Balla was made to bow at gun point.

Therefore, the Governing Council calls on all Southern Cameroonians to hold their peace and not to get dragged into declarations that will only bring about fissures on our walls, battered my months of onerous sacrifices and betrayals.

For the Governing Council,
Deacon TASSANG Wilfred, Vice Chair

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