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Canada Takes Note Of Cameroun Elections, Calls on Biya Paul To Engage Separatists







Following the sham elections in Cameroun, Canada following the European Union likewise other bodies keep failing to congratulate Biya Paul, they keep saying they have taken note of Cameroun Constitutional Council decision to proclaim Biya then shoot straight in requesting Biya to dialogue with separatists to resolve the conflict in Southern Cameroons. BaretaNews notes that the Southern Cameroons leadership and representatives must push the referendum agenda harder and come together in a show of unity following the Federalists agenda showing its ugly head up. Full details herein


Global Affairs Canada today issued the following statement following Cameroon’s presidential election of October 7, 2018:

On October 22, Cameroon’s Constitutional Council announced that President Paul Biya is the winner of the presidential election. Canada takes note of this result and takes this opportunity to encourage the Cameroonian authorities to continue implementing the necessary reforms to strengthen the electoral legal framework.

We call on the Cameroonian authorities and all stakeholders to engage firmly in an inclusive dialogue in order to find long-term peaceful solutions to the crisis and put an end to the violence that rages in the northwest and southwest regions.

This situation has serious social and economic consequences for the Cameroonian people and the country as a whole. It also had a negative impact on the participation of the populations of these regions in the electoral process.

Canada is a long-time friend of the Cameroonian people and seizes the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to support Cameroon in its future efforts to meet the challenges of peace and social and economic development. Canada remains ready to accompany Cameroon in its process for the return of peace.



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