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Southern Cameroonians Send A Strong Message To Biya Through School Boycotts








Total Boycott of School Resumption across the Southern Cameroons: An Act of Legitimacy for the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia Governing Council.

From all the thirteen counties of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, the people have spoken and spoken very clearly. THERE SHALL BE NO SCHOOLS RESUMPTION IN AMBALAND UNTIL THE INTERIM LEADERSHIP OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS GOVERNING COUNCIL SAYS SO. Monday, September 04, 2017, will therefore go down memory lane as the day the colonial government of President Paul Biya of La Republic du Cameroon, officially lost control of her colonial territory of Southern to H. E. Sissiku AyukTabe, interim leader of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council. If Yaoundé still thinks otherwise, then they will surely need to examine their cerebral stability.

BaretaNews, through her ground forces ran a minute by minute situational report and we can authoritatively conclude now that schools resumption for the 2017/2018 academic year in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia under the supervision of the colonial government of LRC was approximately 98.99 a FAILURE. The Ghost Towns were scary and the schools were totally empty, as the people fully responded to the call from the Southern Cameroons Interim Government to maintain the resistance till finish.

In Buea and Victoria where we expected francophone students and pupils to show up in bilingual schools, only a countable number could be spotted as their parents seemed to have come to terms that Southern Cameroonians mean business. At the Bilingual Grammar School Molyko-Buea, for instance, the number of military men stationed on campus and the number of cultural troops that turned out to welcome the colonial Minister of Secondary Education for the launching of the school year, grossly outnumbered that of students that turned out for reopening. While in Muyuka, some of the parents displayed their passion for the schools boycott by throwing away the school uniforms of their children. The people did not also fail to tie the Passover white cloths in fronts of their houses and along the streets of Ambazonia as instructed by the leadership of the governing council.

Teke, along Tombel road


Though the people maintained their peaceful resistance disposition, it did not still stop the blood sucking and trigger happy gendarmes of LRC to strike, as the people of Mbam-Kifen-Kumbo in Bui County were provoked and attacked by the colonial forces with live ammunition leaving a child dead and more than three others injured. The people of Bui were later converged at Kumbo Squares for a show down in their thousands as they burn tyres, hoisted the Southern Cameroons flag. They occupied all major junctions. At Tobin, two were again shot with one dead and others hospitalised. This further prove to the world that the peaceful and armless people of Southern Cameroons are at war with an occupier force that decides to use live ammunition on armless citizens at their discretion. We had called on the warriors of Nso to fall back and avoid giving the occupier forces further chances to kill more of our citizens. We shall defeat them hands down through our peaceful weapon of Ghost towns and Schools boycott. Surprisingly, the government of Biya through the Defense Minister lied that the soldiers who shot dead the civilian were armed, yet they suspended the military commander.

In Muyuka, some parents threw Uniforms away

Today, has witnessed a war between Truth and propaganda, Money and good conscience, and an intimidating military and social media. It is glaringly clear from the happenings across the land that the TRUTH, GOOD CONSCIENCE and the SOCIAL MEDIA carried the day. Southern Cameroonians have shown the slave master and the entire world that they are more than ever determined to cross the finish line and there is nothing that can stop them from gaining their freedom after 56 years of servitude.

Today has therefore been a big win for the peoples and particularly for the Southern Cameroons Governing Council. The people, by their resistance of today have legitimize them as those in control of the struggle at the moment. This good will and support need to be adequately exploited in the days and weeks ahead, and take decisive actions for the struggle that will sent shock waves into the spins of the occupier. Yaoundé, has consistently shown that they are not ready for dialogue. Money, propaganda and force seem to be their only best weapons; but they must understand that they are dealing with a 21st century intellectually and technologically sophisticated generation. Until Freedom comes, the struggle contuse.

James Agbor

Buea, BaretaNews Correspondent

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