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Azusa Pacific University Concludes On Ekema Supposed Honorary Phd








News about Mayor Ekema’s fake certificates in the University of Buea was made known on June 24th, 2017,as first reported by BaretaNews. The report also saw more than 100 support staff fished out with fake certificates from the University of Buea. Southern Cameroons newspaper such as the Rambler and Post Newspaper all based in Buea, Capital of the Southern Cameroons picked up the story to investigte. The Post Newspaper, in its July 7th, 2017 weekend edition writing partly that ” Our findings showed that a candidate in the name of Ekema Patrick Esunge sat for the GCE seven times. He started sitting for the exams in 1995 and failed. In 1996, he sat again for the exam at the Molyko External and passed in one subject; History D with an ‘E’ Grade.After that, he made several attempts every other year, changing combinations comprising Economics, History, Geography and French at different times, and in the different centres to wit: Molyko External, Muea External, Kumba External. He gave up sitting for the exam after the 2007 session which was the 7th and last time..”

Consequently on Friday, July 2017, the regional commissioner of Human Rights in the Southern zone in Southern Cameroons, Mr. Christopher Tambe Tiku at the regional Human Rights Office in the presence of the Press granted a Press Conference where he concluded that the Mayor of Buea Municipality, Mr. Patrick Ekema faked his certificates and got entrance into the University of Buea. He said his findings have been submitted to the University of Buea awaiting actions from the University. The University of Buea have since then created a committee to look into the issues.

Ekema’s Business Card

BaretaNews happened to come across a contact card which Mr. Mayor uses. It should be recalled that our source who made this contact card to us stipulated that Mayor Ekema personally handed over to him this card. The card stipulates that Mr. Mayor has a honorary Phd already in Public Administration from Azusa Pacific University based in California in USA. BaretaNews was forced to contact the said University after making public their contacts for “Cameroonians” to contact them to attest if Ekema has a honorary Phd from the said University.

Today, Maureen Taylor, Associate Vice President for External Affairs for Azusa Pacific University sent us a mail which reads (screenshots attached)

Good day, everyone.
Apologies for the delayed response as these new inquiries only came to my attention on Friday. Dr. Leo Eko, a professor at Texas Tech and a Cameroonian, reached out over the July 4th holiday about this same issue.
As I shared with him, I inquired with the Office of the President about this matter. Consulting records that date back to 1950, it appears that Mr. Ekema Patrick Esunge has not received an honorary degree from our university. Further, a Ph.D. is an earned degree, not honorary. Finally, he has misspelled the university’s name on his business cards.

Thank you,


Maureen Taylor
Associate Vice President for External Affairs
750 W. Rte. 66, Ste. U
Glendora, CA 91740
Azusa Pacific University | 626-815-4510

We hereby awaits the final report from the University of Buea to complete this saga. We hope the state authorities according to the law on fraudulent documents will take its course.

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