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Southern Cameroons Today: What Says The News



Interim Government of Buea






Southern Cameroons Today: What Says The News.

Social media has been washed with the news of colonial officers sent six feet in Boyo County. Reports say two colonial officers were carried to Bingo Baptist Hospital where they reportedly gave up the ghost. One of them we are told is a pregnant female gendarme

Meanwhile in Pinyin, we are told the colonial officers have been engaging in havoc, destroying homes, burning down structures and arresting any living soul in that locality. Thousands who made up that Local Government Area have been running into the bushes. Unconfirmed reports say the compound of the under Secretary Of Communications, Mr. Milton Taka was amongst those razed.

The Northern and Southern zone of Ambazonia have been engaging in sporadic self defense actions. No one knows what will happen after February 5th deadline should Yaounde and Nigeria fail to produce Ambazonia Pro Independence Leaders either Dead or Alive as stated by the Interim Government Communications Minister, Chris Anu.

Few days ago, the International Crisis Group indicated Cameroon as one of the country to be inflicted with a civil war if care is not taken. Every dynamics indicates that with the kidnapping of Pro Independence leaders and alleged assassination, the Cameroons may slipped into a free for all Rwanda if no one intervenes.

The People Of Ambazonia are watching carefully

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