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Bishop Nkea Calls for Restrain: Rebukes French Cameroun Military Excesses



Bishop Nkea Calls for Restrain: Rebukes French Cameroun Military Excesses

By Mbah Godlove

The Chief Shepherd of the Bamenda Arch Diocese, His Grace Andrew Nkea says it is fallacious to say that the colonial military of French Cameroun have been professional in tackling the Ambazonia war of independence.

Speaking on The Inside, a program on Equinox Television Sunday February 23, the man of God called on pro-independence fighters and the occupational forces of La Repulique du Cameroun to exercise restrain and to speak the language of peace.

He revealed the first village that was razed in the course of the war is Kembong in Manyu County, where he formerly served as Bishop.

The newly installed Bamenda Arch Bishop claimed that the 2019 “window dressing National Dialogue” could appease the grieving Ambazonians if its decisions are effectively implemented.

Reacting on the Bishop’s remarks on the empty special status content, Ambazonian activist and BaretaNews CEO, Mark Bareta unequivocally intimated that Southern Cameroonians are either headed towards complete independence or nothing.

The social media activist opined that church leaders should stop being neutral in the wake of injustice and embrace the truth so that justice should be served to the oppressed while the oppressor, dictator Paul Biya of French Cameroun is brought to book.

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