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We are running from Cameroun Military-Fako Denizens Tell Colonial Governor






Today has been a tiring and disgruntled day for most inhabitants in the Buea Local Government Area-LGA. Many denizens within Buea for three days now have been forced to move out of the city for fear of the unknown as the war escalates. The DO for Buea LGA was the first to stop circulation. A bittered Governor who later visited the Albert Mukong Avenue (Formally Mile 17 Park) tried in vain to stop denizens from moving out after releasing a belated communique. A visibly tired Governor flanked by heavy security men for his own safety got the shock of his life as many denizens he approached told him in clear terms why they are leaving the zone. Tah News Network-TNN, a Buea based online media in a recently published article revealed that 90 percent (popular opinions) of Denizens at the park held the same view: We are running away from Cameroun soldiers brutality and aggression, they cannot longer provide us security- denizens bemoaned.

Many denizens caught up at the park described the Governor’s communique as a piece of paper which cannot guarantee their safety and security of their properties because they are not running from the so called “terrorist” but they are running from the “professional soldiers” whom have in many circumstances have been terrorizing the people they are out to protect- TNN writes.

According to TNN, one of the traveler at mile 17th who never gave her names for security reasons said “we are not running from “terrorist” but we are running from the Cameroun soldiers who have been terrorizing and killing our innocent brothers and sister claiming that they are Amba fighters, so asking us not to run is like putting us in hell and telling us that the devil has no power over hell”

Governor, Okala Bilai at the Park Today

TNN described that the lady went further in highlighting what she witnessed at Ekona from the hands of Cameroun Security forces “ When this crisis escalated, I told my children that we will not run from Ekona because we are not Amba fighters neither do we want Cameroon to divide. I know when the military comes here they will protect us. But instead the military came into Ekona and started spraying bullets as if the whole of Ekona was occupied by Amba, lots of properties around the road especially at the main entrance to the market were destroyed including my house and if not of God, stray bullets would kill us”

The lady continued “So hearing that the military will protect us is making a mockery of us, the military is instead putting fear in us so we are living South West until further notice. To me the communique is as good as nothing. The communique is coming late. The government need to show us actions not communique”

TNN in its article concluded that ” From general opinions about those leaving the South West Region, 90% stated that they are fleeing away from military brutality and aggression because according to them when there is an attack by the arm separatists, the military just move in and start arresting, torturing and even killing innocent civilians with the most recent Ekona example on September 7th, wherein Benzen Jonas, a Secretary at Presbyterian Church Ekona Yard, a locality in the South West Region of Cameroon and 3 of his children were allegedly killed by Cameroon Soldiers”.


Mark Bareta, For BaretaNews

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