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UN Summons La Republique To Explain “Anglophone” Crisis






As a result of Molah Njoh’s, Southern Cameroons Senior Stateman recent visit to the UN and SCACUF diplomatic offensive, La Republique has dispatched three officials to the United Nations to explain the situation in Southern Cameroons.

Now we are getting La Republique on its neck diplomatically. We must continue to push hard. It is the position of BaretaNews that should school fails to resume in September, 2017 then it is over. Let the people of Southern Cameroons continue to be patient and steadfast by holding ‘grass’ a little more.

That said, Southern Cameroonians in New York must not let this delegation sleep. Daily and huge protest my people. Laurent Esso is coming to Belgium to woo Belgian officials, those of us will show him pepper. Let’s get this done.


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