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Ambazonian War of Independence: Buea in Early Morning Deadly Confrontations



Ambazonian War of Independence

Ambazonian War of Independence: Buea in Early Morning Deadly Confrontations

Buea, the Federal Capital of Ambazonian woke up around 5:30 AM this Tuesday September 11, to a fierce confrontation between colonial terrorist forces of French Cameroon and Ambazonian Independence Restoration Forces. The affected areas include Mile 16, the Albert Mukong Avenue (Mile 17) and Muea neighborhoods.

BaretaNews correspondent, standing on a storey building around the Albert Mukong Avenue, could see thick smoke rising to the sky from the Muea and Mile 16 directions – an indication that somethings like vehicles or building were on fire; as the gun fire exchange went on.

As citizens took cover in their houses listening to the battle outside, one could clearly listen to the restoration forces chanting patriotic songs as they exchange fire with the colonialists. A few early morning business operators, travelers and transporters who were already at the Albert Mukong Avenue are now retreating, while some have taken cover in nearby houses.

The Amba boys, probably of the Mountain Lions of Fako battalion, appeared to have targeted the vehicle of a group of colonial terrorist forces returning from their usual all-night control checkpoints in the main entrances into the Ambazonian Capital of Buea.

The casualty figure was not known by the time of filling in this report. However, from the intensity of the gun battle, there could be serious casualties on both sides. It is not clear whether any innocent civilian was caught in the cross fire.

BaretaNews shall therefore bring you further reports as developments unfold.

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