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Arrest Mama Fouda: When a thief steals from a thief



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BaretaNews learned with dismay and shock that over 555 million CFA francs were stolen by people of the underworld from the residence of André Mama Fouda, Minister of Public Health. over the wee morning hours on June, 16th 2016. BaretaNews reveals that the wife of the minister was tied up as the policeman assigned to protect the Minister was nowhere to be found. Reports suggest some acts of violence were committed against her. BaretaNews cannot independently verify what type of violence was committed against her

Reports say heavy weapons were seen in a vehicle belonging to the minister and more than 555 million FCFA including valuable jewels were stolen. What is the Minister doing with heavy weapons at home? Is he planning a Coup d’etat?

BaretaNews recalls that this is not the first time that thieves have visited Minister Fouda. On the night of April 17, 2015 over 300 million FCFA reportedly disappeared at his residence. It beats our imagination that in a country where people lived below 10 dollars a day, such huge amount of money can be kept in the house. What is the Minister salary? What are the use of the banks? Why keep such a huge money in the house? It is clear that these are stolen or bribery money. This is a health Minister keeping millions when the health system is very porous. Doctors are begging for common basic equipment to work with. Cameroonians are dying every day with a dilapidated health system, yet Mr. Minister is lavishing with millions of taxpayers money home. A very lax system where anyone can do anything they like so far as they worship their god-Paul Biya. This regime of Paul Biya is an evil regime. There is no accountability. This is the second time huge amount of money is being stolen from the Minister at his residence yet nothing has been done. Where is the rule of law? What crime has the Cameroons people committed? Fouda should be arrested and detained

Meanwhile, the Yaoundé police has detaining all employees at his home. Shame to Mr. Biya, an absentee President who knows nothing and lets everyone steals. You are a disgrace Mr: President

God is still saying something

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