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Military Intervention is Necessary for the Cameroons – German Parliament



Military intervention is necessary for the Cameroons

Military Intervention is Necessary for the Cameroons – German Parliament

Members of the Federal Parliament (also known as the Bundestag) in Germany, led by the business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), have expressed the need for a German backed military intervention in the Cameroons to help settle the ongoing conflict between French Cameroun and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Debating the motion in parliament for over 45 minutes, members of the FDP – a liberal and classical liberal political party argued that the colonial regime of French Cameroun has proven not to have the political will to settle a conflict born from the yearnings of federalism.

While submitting on the motion, one of the MPs of the FDP stated that;

“…it has been two years since the crisis in the anglophone part of Cameroon, a crisis that has now transformed into a civil war…children are shot, old people burned in their homes and thousands have become refugees…we are heading towards a real humanitarian catastrophe”

“…Despite the involvement of many multilateral cooperation, of which Germany is a major participant, this country has not be able to stabilize…this is a hideous and bloody conflict, and the solution is only in regionalization or federalism. Germany with its experience could help in this sense…”

“…last Sunday, Cameroonians went to the polls to elect their next president. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for another 14 days to count and finally the 85-year-old President, who spends several months abroad occupying a whole floor of a five-star hotel, shall be declared elected…out of the 25 million Cameroonians, only 6.5 million were able to vote, and the English-speaking part simply did not vote. Such lawless and unfair elections cannot be acceptable…”

‘…it is absolute that the international community provide for a transitional phase after these elections that will allow for national reconciliation and a possible withdrawal of the president…Mr Maas, Mrs Merkel, it is time to take your responsibilities and manage this crisis before it is too late and indeed it is in the interest of Germany because it wouldn’t be necessary to use our tax money for emergency humanitarian aid there”

After the debate on the motion, Germany’s governing coalition and the populist Alternative for Germany party turned down the motion. Though the motion did not go through, it was another avenue for all sides of the diplomatic community within political circles in Germany to have a deeper understanding of the issues at play. Such interventions could still be considered in future deliberations, especially as the colonial dictator Paul Biya continue to spill the blood of the innocent.

But one thing is clear, Southern Cameroonians shall never again entertain any form of union with the French overseas colony of Cameroun. The people shall have the final say on the direction of their collective destinies.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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