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Ambazonia Restoration Forces Roar in Little Known Meanja Towards Buea.

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Ambazonia Restoration Forces Roar in Little Known Meanja Towards Buea.

There are clear indicants that Ambazonia Restoration forces are gradually but surely making their way into Buea, the Federal Capital territory of Ambazonia. They are taking their time to first of all defend the inhabitants of the peripheral villages from colonial aggression and the genocidal atrocities of the terrorist forces of La Republic du Cameroun.

BaretaNews has now confirmed that last night, may 4th, 2018, the Restoration boys responded in self-defense after their convoy came under attack from colonial terrorist forces of LRC at Mile 30, Meanja Rubber Estate, Muyuka Local Government Area. The colonial agents had taken up positions at the Meanja Rubber Factory just beside the main road at Mile 30. Of course, they were there to protect the source of money which they use to fight the very people producing the wealth.

It is important to note that the Meanja Rubber Factory is situated at Mile 30, not far from Mile 29, where we have the Suppermont factory, where they produced bottled water and brew soft drinks. BaretaNews is told that, as restoration forces approached the area over the night, they were suddenly confronted by gun shots being fired from the direction of the Rubber Factory, just beside the road. It was clear that the enemy forces were around.

In a tactical maneuver, and being masters of the terrain, they retreated, before coming back through the nearby bushes. In the confrontation that followed, one colonial terrorist was neutralized and the others took to their heels abandoning the remains of their terrorist colleague. Workers of the Mile 30 CDC, therefore woke up this morning to see the body of a neutralized colonial agent lying around the factory.

This morning, the three CDC camps of Meanja Central, Mile 30 and Mile 29 have been in commotion, as workers and their families have all disappeared into the bushes for fear of LRC’s usual burning spree and mayhem on the innocent civilians. Denizens from these areas have been contacting BaretaNews from the Bushes to tell their stories.

You remember our prophetic poem of the 1990s posted on the Facebook page of Mark Bareta, CEO of BaretaNews yesterday? “From the depths of little known Meanja, shall come liberty’s soldiers…”

Are the terrorist soldiers also going to burn down the houses (CDC Camps) of those economically sustaining their aimless war in Ambazonia? We wait to see.

Mainwhile, restoration forces are also reported to have engaged the colonial vagabonds yesterday in Mbalangi, a village along the Buea-Kumba road, with many colonial terrorists reported to have been neutralized. Early this morning Saturday May 5th 2018, the restoration boys were said to be controlling the movement of vehicles along that road.

In confirmation of this story, a BaretaNews source in Kumba, headquarter of Meme County, last night sent in the below statement:

“Good evening sir; as I was coming down from around the SDO’s office here in Kumba, I saw one colonial military truck filled with death soldiers in the Kumba general hospital mortuary, but I can’t tell where it was coming from, but I asked the taxi man he told me that this same truck bypassed him around Buea-Road with grass hanging in front of the truck and also with their gun proof and uniforms littering in the truck. It’s a pity”

BaretaNews can only conclude that the War is real and Ambazonians did not bargain for it. Colonial President Paul Biya, crossed the internationally defined boundary at the Mungo and declared war on the sovereign people of Ambazonia. Restoration forces are simply defending the homeland and the colonial terrorists and their government must operate within the international rules of engagement. They must understand that they do not have the monopoly of burnings or atrocities

It is not by burning down villages and killing innocent civilians that would earn them victory. They should face the restoration forces and leave innocent Ambazonian civilians and their homes in Peace.

The Battle for Buea is real. Ambazonian Citizens anywhere in the homeland must be alert and ready to act fast in order to avoid the frustration and anger of these colonial vagabonds at any time.

Ultimate freedom for Ambazonia and our arrival in Buea is our priority.



James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    May 5, 2018 at 9:12 PM


    ACT, ACT, ACT.
    biya declared the war on Ambazonia and has to fight it. Ambazonians did not want to fight but, you biya declared war on them. We Ambazonians will DEFEND OURSELVES AND RISIST YOU mr. biya.

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