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Anguish, Consternation In Baba II Over colonial raid



Anguish, Consternation In Baba II Over colonial raid.

By Mbah Godlove.

The population of baba II have been wailing following a French Cameroun invasion in the area.

Earlier on Sunday this week, a heavily armed contingent of colonial soldiers moved into BABA II, Santa local government area where they began shooting indiscriminately.

Women, children, and men alike were trapped in the shooting which resulted in many sustaining injuries and one dead.

According to eye witness account, the colonial soldiers looted homes and set some on fire before leaving the village.

It is not exactly clear what caused the regime soldiers to embark on the disastrous mission but BN understands the move is part of a plan to wreck mayhem on Ambazonians.

The crackdown left locals in tears as the wind of uncertainty continues to blow among the people.

Dozens are equally reported homeless after their houses were razed in the course of the raid.

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