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Outrage In Kumba Over Torture, Wanton Arrest




Outrage In Kumba Over Torture, Wanton Arrest

By Mbah Godlove

Denizens of Kumba, Meme County of the Southern Zone have decried continuous arrest and torture of Ambazonians in the area, by the colonial soldiers.

After implanting several check points to extort money from locals, the new normal is wanton arrest for payment.

BaretaNews understands that the freedom of denizens in Kumba is now based on financial negotiation.

Colonial soldiers go round arresting young people, and only release them upon a negotiated settlement.

A source in the area told BaretaNews that settlement prices range from 25000 Francs to 50000 Francs, depending on where the individual was rounded up.

Locals say they are in pain as they battle in between the high cost of living and colonial barbarism.

Worthy of note is the fact that those who cannot afford to pay to secure their release are subjected to severe torture.

“We are often labelled as ‘Ambazonian terrorists’ who do not deserve to live,” a victim said.

The general wish of the people in Kumba is that the war of freedom concludes on a positive note so that they can live freely in their country.

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