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LRC Military Rain Terror On Buea Inhabitants




LRC Military Rain Terror On Buea Inhabitants

By Mbah Godlove

Over 60 young men have been set free after being severely tortured in Buea by the military of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). On Monday, September 9, agents of the LRC army rounded up scores of young men whom they accused of acting as informants to Ambazonian fighters. They were taken to an army camp where they were subjected to inhumane treatment.

For several hours, the colonial forces hit them with planks, machetes and other dangerous objects. The civilians were trampled upon, kicked on their bellies and were compelled to creep on sharp gravel before gaining freedom. “Over 60 of us were abducted this morning by the Cameroon Army at the Mile 17 motor park. We were tortured like criminals. We were later locked in a toilet-like room,” a victim lamented
to BaretaNews.

Another victim said the occupational forces further accused them of digging information about their whereabouts to give the dreaded Amba General, Field Marshal whom they admitted was on a working visit to Buea.

In Tombel, Kupe Muanenguba county, the situation was not any different. Over six colonial military trucks were driven into Mbabe about 4:00 am this Monday where nearly 100 boys and men were kidnapped and taken to Tombel. Mbambe women, both young and old trekked to Tombel to request for the release of their detained children and husbands.

Today’s atrocities came at the heart a two weeklong lockdown declared by Ambazonia Forces all over Southern Cameroons.

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