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After Schools Failed To Resume In Ambazonia, US Under Secretary Renews Calls For Dialogue Without Preconditions





US Tibor Nagy Advocates For School Resumption In Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

The US Under Secretary of States for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy has called on the two warring parties to engage in dialogue without preconditions after Ambazonian children failed to return to school. This is the umpteenth time Ambassador Tibor is calling for dialogue without preconditions, yet though Ambazonians have shown interest, especially with the Swiss offer, French Cameroun remains adamant opting for the military solution and increasing its military presence in schools, cities in Ambazonia

In a Twitter message on Tuesday, September 3, the diplomat regretted the fact that school children may spend a fourth year at home.

He said education is the key to the future for all young people, insinuating that Ambazonian children are not an exception. “Both separatists [pro-independence fighters] and government need to enter into dialogue without preconditions,” he stated.

Tibor 3rd September Tweet

Since 2016 when Southern Cameroonians rose up against the colonial government of La Republique du Cameroun, schools have remained grounded across the 13 counties of Ambazonia. The numerous killings of students such as Nougi Alexander Sob, Ph.D. candidate, and Roman Catholic priest, by the barbaric Biya military, has made students be nightmarish of learning institutions for the past three years.

Ambazonian activists have for several occasions revealed that schools can only resume effectively if the international community brokers a peace deal that would result to the free zone for the safety of their people, a deal that should see community schools and/or Ambazonia controlled schools

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