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Military Darkens Molyko Amid Eminent Attack On UB Graduation Day








Everything seems to be halted in and out of Molyko as military have literally been stationed everywhere in the varsity prone area. Well-armed to teeth mix control of police and paramilitary, comb the Molyko area now then, while others have stationed barricades at some strategic junctions.

The tight security comes amid rumours of eminent attacks in major security posts and the University of Buea, before during, and/or after the 21st graduation ceremony taking place this Tuesday December 19, 2017.

Sand bags and other defective amours, have been mounted at strategic areas in Molyko, including the Police Post at Malingo. The stationed soldiers are pointing their guns straight to the population, as to say they shall pull the trigger any anytime.

The military seemingly present everywhere in Molyko, carryout serious checks on anyone entering the University of Buea. They also dismantle any group of more than 3. They are cynically heard screaming in the oppressor’s language, as they delve in their intimation tactics.

Their presence have caused huge traffic around Molyko, much more than the usual traffic that characterise the ordinary graduation ceremony.

It should be noted that over two thousand students graduated with PhD’s, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degree in this 21st convocation ceremony. The occasion that combines graduation for 2015/2016, and 2016/2017 academic years, was expected to be chaired by Jacque Fame Ndongo, Cameroun’s Minister of Higher Education. However, his avoidable absence gave way for UB’s Pro-Chancellor to chair the event.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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