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FM No Pity Reinforces Ghost Town Operation In Elak-Oku



FM No Pity Reinforces Ghost Town Operation In Elak-Oku

By Mbah Godlove

Dreaded Field Martial No Pity has launched an operation aimed at reinstituting ghost town in Elak-Oku, a village in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia.

FM No Pity and his Marine Forces stormed the village Monday; owing to failure to respect a traditional ghost town operation observed across Ambazonia.

The renowned war strategist whose tactics are incomprehensible to French Cameroun’s forces learned that the population of Elak had been lured to side with the alien troops.

Upon arriving at a local market in the said village, La Republique du Cameroun’s soldier took to their heels, FM No Pity revealed in a 1 minutes 15 seconds video making rounds on the social media.

“We have hit with the forces of occupation and they have run away,” he intimated.

Vehicles in which goods were being loaded before the arrival of the Marine forces were abandoned; as the drivers and owners ran for their safety.

It is on this outing that the Restoration Fighters have vowed to ensure all Ambazonians duly respect ghost town operations every Monday.

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