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Tensed Atmosphere In Mautu Over French Cameroun’s Killings



Tensed Atmosphere In Mautu Over French Cameroun’s Killings

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitants of Mautu, a locality in Muyuka Local Government Area have been in grief and fear following a recent invasion by forces belonging to French Cameroun.

A source in Mautu told BaretaNews that French Cameroun’s armoured vehicles stormed the village recently, living everyone in total fear.

BaretaNews equally learned that French Cameroun’s forces indiscriminately tortured inhabitants of the area on accounts that they concealed the whereabouts of Restoration Fighters.

At least two civilians were killed on the spot, while hundreds of youth were transported to Buea in precarious conditions.

Mautu has now become a shadow of itself as colonial forces have razed several homes and killed hundreds of civilians including women and children.

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