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Ambazonia Treatment: Has Nigeria Just Lost Her Giant Of Africa Status?









Nigeria, Must Respect Herself as a Giant African Nation, If She Intends Getting Respect from smaller Nations

Nigeria, has often prides herself as the giant of Africa. Through this slogan, many smaller African nations have keyed into it and are looking up to Nigeria for leadership. This is particularly critical, as the African continent continuous to struggle and grapple with the post colonial realities of democratic governance and the rule of law.

Consequently, it is time successive Nigerian governments show proof of this slogan and make other African nations believe in, and show respect for the nation as a true giant of Africa. Being a giant of Africa is not by population, neither is it by land mass.

A true giant of Africa, must be able to sent an example in governance. That is, such a Nation must be governed politically, economically and socioculturally through strong and respectable institutions, with absolute respect for local and international laws, and recourse to due process.

Unfortunately for Nigeria, the acclaimed giant of Africa, she hasn’t proven these characteristics in recent times, to warrant the respect of smaller African nations, including the about to be born Federation of Ambazonia, which has all this while been looking at Nigeria as the caring midwife who will facilitate her birth process.

We at the political desk of BaretaNews are not by this saying that Nigeria has an unbending responsibility to deliver Ambazonia as a new treasured nation in Africa. However, the flagrant and abusive disregarded of her own local laws, and international legislations which she is committed to uphold, puts her “giantness” to public scrutiny.

Just because of a corrupt deal with Paul Biya, a colonialist and a blood sucking demon, the Buhari Administration has made the once admired common law driven Nigerian judicial system, a laughing stock of the international community.

That Nigeria, allowed French and CameroUn Secret agents to come into Nigeria territory, connived with the Nigerian DSS and kidnapped leaders of a Nation recognized by the Nigerian law, the African Union and the United Nations, explains how rotten the Nigerian state has become, due to local and international corruption. Worst of all is that, the Nigerian Minister of External relations, Prof. Geofrey Onyeama publicly stated in a press interview that the leaders where neither abducted nor arrested, but were just taken for questioning. But embarrassingly, the Buhari Administration went ahead to violate Nigerian laws and kept the kidnapped leaders incommunicado for a month, did not issue any official public statement as to whether they were responsible for the kidnap or not, just for the world to get up one morning and hear from the colonialist government of Biya that “Ayuk-Tabe and 47 others arrested in Nigeria” are in their keeping; while Nigeria remains mute up till date.

Yesterday, BaretaNews confirmed reports that the Nigerian government has released Dr. Ojong Okongho and Barrister Nalova Bih, being two of the 12 Ambazonian leaders abducted at Nera Hotel, Abuja on January 5th, 2018.

It is still unimaginable that the Federal Government of Nigeria went ahead to release these bonafide Southern Cameroonians without the courtesy of issuing a statement on the abduction of the leaders. Laughingly, the two have been released without any court action and without any statement or even acknowledging that they were in their keeping, and were arrested for this or that reason.

With this open abuse of local and international laws, It is now clear that Nigeria has a secret pact with La Republique due CameroUn, by allegedly deporting the ten other leaders and 39 refugees to Cameroun. This open violation of local and international legislation s by Nigeria qualifies the Nigerian State within the framework of Donald Trump’s shithole countries.

The release of these two individuals may begin giving Ambazonians an insight into the first class mafia surrounding the abductions of the Ambazonian Interim Government leadership.

We at BaretaNews strongly think that President Mohammadu Buhari and the APC led Federal Government of Nigeria can do better. They must stop disgracing the Nigerian nation before the world, and making a mockery of the Giant of Africa title the nation bears.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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