Amnesty International Reacts to Abduction of School Children in Ambazonia




Amnesty International Reacts to Abduction of School Children in Ambazonia

International rights group Amnesty International has reacted to the kidnapped of School Children in Bamenda, Northern Zone of Ambazonia. In a statement signed by its deputy regional director, Samira Daoud, the organization describes as unjustifiable the abduction of the students and school officials.

Without pointing fingers at any of the conflicting parties, Amnesty International notes that “these appalling abductions show just how the general population is paying the highest price as violence escalates in the Anglophone region”

The organization extend their solidarity with the families of the school Children and hope that the colonial authorities would do everything to secure their release, especially as the echoes of the 2014 Chibok Schoolgirls in Nigeria are still in the air.

Amnesty International Statement

Conflicting reports have continued to trail the Abduction of the students, as both sides in the conflict continue to accuse each other of being responsible. While the colonial government and the international media put the kidnapped number of students at 78, video evidence purportedly showing the kidnapped students being interrogated by an unidentified fellow reveal 11 students.

This kidnap story follows that of the assassination of an American missionary, Charles Wesco in Bambui a few days back by agents believed to be members of the BIR, the colonial forces of French Cameroon. The colonial regime was also quick to blame it on Ambazonian restoration fighters.

Investigations are on the way by the United State government to unravel those responsible for the killing of the missionary.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst



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