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Ambazonians Decry Exploitation From Tele Communication Companies



Ambazonians Decry Exploitation From Tele Communication Companies.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonians have been condemning what they term poor services and exploitation from mobile telecommunication companies.

Most users have taken to various social media platforms to air out their frustration with MTN and ORANGE, the two multi national companies operating across the territory.

From poor network, high cost of internet access, and most recently high mobile money charges, the people say the exploitation has become unbearable.

While the common man keeps pointing fingers at the telecommunication providers, BN understands it is not just about the two companies but rather more the colonial regime which continues to increase taxes to meet up with the cost of sustaining the ongoing war in Ambazonia.

Earlier on January 1 2022, a tax was placed on all mobile money users, including those in Ambazonia using colonial telecommunication products and services.

As if the said tax was not enough to cover the cost required for the war, we are learning that the companies were recently imposed additional taxes, forcing them to shift the burden on consumers.

This explains why mobile money charges, especially for MTN have drastically increased.

Ambazonians say coping with the humanitarian crisis brought about by the war of independence has not been easy and the increase in telecommunication services has only added insult to injury.

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