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Ambazonians Adopt New Security Measures as Colonial Terrorism Crescendos



Ambazonian Adopt New Security Measures as Colonial Terrorism Crescendos

By Mbah Godlove

Continuous torture and killing of civilians by French Cameroun soldiers have made Abazonians begin adapting to new ways that will keep them safe from colonial barbarism.

One of the localities where denizens are continuously fleeing torturing and killing is Bafut local government area, northern zone of Ambazonia.

Since the outset of the war of independence in 2016, French Cameroun soldiers have killed dozens of locals including children, women, and persons with disabilities.

In 2018, a disability center, SAJOCAH situated in Mambu, was attacked, with serval gunshots fired in the institution.

This unending brutality has made the population stay conscious as more lives are been lost day after day.

Through the use of phone calls and text messages, the civilians in this part of Ambazonia have become one another’s keeper as they struggle to stay alive.

Each time colonial forces invade the local area, residents abandon their homes and seek refuge in bushes and farmlands.

It takes just a person to know the said forces of distraction are around, and everyone is soon aware of the danger.

The people are hoping that the deadly conflict will soon be over for long-lasting peace to be restored.

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