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NZ Colonial Governor’s Presence At 40th Anniversary Spurs Uproar in Kumbo



NZ Colonial Governor’s Presence At 40th Anniversary Spurs Uproar in Kumbo

Mbah Godlove

Many feasts might have taken place in Kumbo under absolute serenity, but the picture was not the same as Northern Zone’s (NZ) colonial Governor attended the 40th anniversary of Bishop George Nkuo.

Exactly 40 years, after His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo received the Sacrament of Holy Oder as a Priest, Roman Catholic faithful in Kumbo in the diocese gathered to celebrate with the Cleric.

Considered by denizens in Kumbo and beyond as a moment of joy, the scene became one of sorrow as the NZ colonial Governor made his way into the ceremonial ground.

Restoration Fighters considered this move as the highest point of provocation from the church, and decided to face up the French Cameroun soldiers who escorted the administrator to the feast.

The event was brought to a standstill following a moment if sporadic gun shuts between Ambazonia fighters and colonial forces.

Sources from Kumbo told BN that the pro-independence fighters were furious with the fact that Bishop George Nkuo invited colonial administrators to Kumbo.

The act was considered as a display of bad faith from the church in Ambazonia whose leader have often sided with the colonial regime.

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