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Biya Can No Longer Rule Cameroon; Should Step Down – Dr. Eta Ewane



Biya Can No Longer Rule Cameroon; Should Step Down – Dr. Eta Ewane

By Mbah Godlove

The leader of “Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora” says octogenarian President Paul Biya can no longer rule French Cameroun because “a minor crisis in Ambazonia has been above him to resolve”.

Speaking on a program dubbed Taking Point on Equinoxes TV, on Thursday December 26, Dr. Eta Ewane revealed that Biya’s endorsement of a so-called bilingualism bill is a way to spark more chaos in the conflict stricken two zones of Ambazonia.

The leader of the Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora movement said the future of the country under Biya is oblique, and insisted that President Biya who has ruled for the past 37 years be kicked out of office.

According to him, the country is heading to a more severe doom if the current regime is not completely dissolved.

The outspoken Dr. Ewane called for the withdrawal of troops from Ambazonia as a way to start a meaningful peace process that will set the stage for an everlasting solution to the deteriorating Ambazonian war of independence.

His outing follows similar calls from the international community that dictator Biya who declared war on Ambazonia over two years ago should withdraw his brutal troops from Southern Cameroons.

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