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Biya Can No Longer Rule Cameroon; Should Step Down – Dr. Eta Ewane



Biya Can No Longer Rule Cameroon; Should Step Down – Dr. Eta Ewane

By Mbah Godlove

The leader of “Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora” says octogenarian President Paul Biya can no longer rule French Cameroun because “a minor crisis in Ambazonia has been above him to resolve”.

Speaking on a program dubbed Taking Point on Equinoxes TV, on Thursday December 26, Dr. Eta Ewane revealed that Biya’s endorsement of a so-called bilingualism bill is a way to spark more chaos in the conflict stricken two zones of Ambazonia.

The leader of the Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora movement said the future of the country under Biya is oblique, and insisted that President Biya who has ruled for the past 37 years be kicked out of office.

According to him, the country is heading to a more severe doom if the current regime is not completely dissolved.

The outspoken Dr. Ewane called for the withdrawal of troops from Ambazonia as a way to start a meaningful peace process that will set the stage for an everlasting solution to the deteriorating Ambazonian war of independence.

His outing follows similar calls from the international community that dictator Biya who declared war on Ambazonia over two years ago should withdraw his brutal troops from Southern Cameroons.

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  1. Mukong

    December 29, 2019 at 8:25 PM

    It will appear that some Ambazonians refuse to accept the reality that the Beti/Bulu french slave call Biya is a “ ngombe”. And because he is of moral turpitude, he is still waiting for instructions from the french leeches. Hence, Ambazonians must let the french leeches know that they should never again take us for granted. That is why it is imperative for all Ambazonians at home and abroad to fulfill their obligation in making sure that funding for sugar canes and ground nuts (grahnuts) is civic duty number one.

  2. Mami Sweet Mbombo

    December 30, 2019 at 11:22 PM

    1. Who elected you “Interim president”? I could understand you as your online PUTATIVE republic can dish out titles to everybody at anytime. The premise of your cause is that of the restoration of Anglo-saxon culture in Cameroon. What did you and francophones wear in 1800?You walked around naked until the white man or British came to the coast and named a beach VICTORIA. Where were you during the Industrial revolution and what did you guys contribute to it? NOTHING. You are a Baboon and lazy dirty poor monkey and African. Stop making life hell for people. You crossed the pond to America but are hell bent on making sure nobody else does. The UN, Commonwealth etc told you in no uncertain terms that their CARCO that they set up -CAMEROON is one and indivisible. End of story. As sub-humans, you had no part in forming the UN, League of nations not to talk of the Berlin Conference that shared us among whites with all of us branded the HEART of DARKNESS! We are still those NIGGERS and CARCO from the HEART of DARKNES and you with your (mis)education and under-education has only confirmed this. How the FUCK on earth did you guys declare war on a professional army whose main job is to kill and nothing else? Accept your casualties for that is the price to pay for raping our boys’ future by arming them with home made guns and sending your pittance of contributions from America to them. France bilks $400 billion from Africa every year and will fight this war to the last atom if you Munjingnis don’t get it. In pure bravado you guys boasted that UN or no UN Ambazonia coined by the fugitive diminutive Gorji Dinka of the BROTHERHOOD of The MOON and STAR Olumba OLUMB will be declared. You went ahead and declared it. After your AS is whipped on the filed you come back unreasonably to shed crocodile’s tears by calling on the international community and UN to intervene! SHAME! You ain’t seen shit yet. Ambazonia-Economic genocide (GHOST TOWNS), Cannibalism and NYONGO sacrifice (Sending young innocent boys to their deaths, Hijacking and Armed robberies and ransoms, Vandalism, monkey behavior, Chaos and disorder, abject penury, ILLITERACY and School Boycotts and Pyromania. Interim President and government my ass.
    2. Chris Anu(TEPONG)-Stop this madness. There is nothing like AMBazonia and there will never be.Fontem, Banwa and Nweh-Mundani was nothing but hostile terrain hills where people lived in bushes with TSE TSE FLIES feasting on them and infecting them with sleeping sickness.Chiara Lubick and Focolare Movement came and set up schools and hospitals and put clothes on your backs .Where was the Ambazonia that you are restoring today. What did you wear in 1800?What is the difference between you (Anglophjone) and your francophone cousins in Dschang?None.You share one thing though-BIG Dicks, Poverty, Dirt, and MONKEYS from the heart of DARKNES.You guys are now truly living in the bushes of Lebialem-your natural habitiat.I hear your AMBA red devils are defecting in droves as their socalled general is EATING alone and FUCKING, Yest FUCKING and impregnating all young girls and virgins while the boys starve.We are poor, uneducated and chaotic with AMBAZONIa.LIVING in the BUSH and TREES!Fucking in the BUSH.

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