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Ambazonian Leader Vows to be Killed than Stand Trial in Colonial Court



Ambazonian Leader Vows to be Killed than Stand Trial in Colonial Court

By Mbah Godlove

In a bold declaration, the detained Ambazonian leader and revered figure, Abdul Karim Ali, has stated his preference to face death rather than stand trial in a court under the colonial regime. His remarks have sent shockwaves through the leadership corridors of the colonial authorities.

The firebrand activist, renowned for his unwavering stance in the Ambazonian cause, made this stunning revelation in a recent Facebook post. He asserted that the colonial regime lacks the necessary legal framework to provide him with a fair trial, hence he would choose death over participating in a court system he deems lacking in jurisdiction.

Abdul Karim Ali, a Muslim scholar well-versed in the Christian Bible, rose to prominence by actively participating in protest marches since 2016, advocating for the freedom of Southern Cameroons without fear of reprisal. His vocal opposition to the colonial authorities landed him in their crosshairs, leading to his abduction and subsequent detention in a prison under the control of French Cameroun.

Amidst rumors of his impending court appearance, the defiant independence advocate has reiterated his stance, emphasizing his readiness to make the ultimate sacrifice rather than submit to what he perceives as an unjust legal process.

As the saga surrounding Abdul Karim Ali unfolds, his resolute refusal to engage with the colonial court system underscores the deep-rooted convictions of Ambazonians in their struggle for self-determination.

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