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CPDM Celebrations Banned In Southern Cameroons








All meetings and celebrations of the Cameroon’s People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) political party, has been banned in the Southern and Northern Zones of Southern Cameroons. The ban issued by key actors in protecting the integrity of Southern Cameroons, indicated woe betides any CPDM defaulter.

Ambazonia vipers bracing up

The ban coming on the heels of planned celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the assertion to power of La Republique du Cameroun’s (LRC) president, Paul Biya. Slaves of LRC, cum elites of the Northern and Southern Zones, are planning to celebrate Biya’s anniversary on Monday November 6, 2017.

Those who placed the ban say CPDM activities in Southern Cameroons is null and void. They have warned anyone who is taking to the streets of Buea or Bamenda in any CPDM regalia.

“I use your media to warn those CPDM sycophants to remain in Yaounde and celebrate whatever they wish. We shall burn any CPDM regalia we see around Bamenda or Buea. We have put together strategies to prevent any CPDM celebrations in Southern Cameroons,” said Edward Achiri, one of the key actors who placed the ban.

The ban also re-echoed the clarion call for all slaves serving in la republique to resign and join their people in Southern Cameroons.

“Haven’t we been killed enough? We still have several people in the hospital seriously injured from LRC excesses. What do they think they can come to celebrate on our soil? We are calling on all those still working in LRC to return home and join the campaign of protecting our restored state,” indicated Marianne Achuo, another key actor who signed the ban.

Meantime, measures are growing underground to perturb all intended celebrations intended to provoke the people of Southern Cameroons. According to underground sources, vipers will be deployed to all 13 main counties of Southern Cameroons to keep all celebration grounds deserted. They are advice the people of Southern Cameroons to stay away from any celebrations so as to avoid being inflicted with injuries from the vipers.

“We plead with our honest and dedicated people of Southern Cameroons to stay in their houses and not to heed to any calls for celebrations. We shall regret hurting our own. So in case those CPDM slaves corner you for any activity, simply refuse and remain indoors,” indicated Ivo Mekong, a viper leading group leader.

It should be recalled that CPDM militants rally every November 6, to commemorate the day Paul Biya of LRC ascended to power. He took over powers from Amadou Ahidjou on November 6, 1984. He shall be celebrating his 35th anniversary this Monday October 6, 2017.

CPDM activities in Southern Cameroons were banned since December 8, 2016. A group of irate youths of Southern Cameroons blocked and destroyed the Bamenda grandstand when some CPDM slaves wanted to march in the Northern Zone. Since then, CPDM activities have been banned in Southern Cameroons.

CPDM diehards preparing to celebrate Biya’s 35 years in power

Political Commentators have also added their voices to condemn any move by the CPDM party to celebrate in Southern Cameroons. According to Eric Mbafor, a Political Scientist based in Victoria, the CPDM party has lost credibility in Southern Cameroons. He indicated that it will be wise for the party to mobilise efforts to build support in the grassroots rather than coming out to celebrate when many are mourning.

“Ever since all CPDM elites took the side of the government and chastised their own people, they lose grassroots support. I believe they have a lot of mending to do. Which is why I will suggest that they use any forthcoming celebration to commune with the people and counsel them after many lost their loved ones due to events of September 22, and October 1, 2017. If the elites bypass this advice and make any move of celebrating whatsoever, I fear there will be confrontations,” Eric Mbafor said.

The dice is cast, and warning dished out. We hope the CPDM diehards follow the adage that a “Stitch in time save nine.”

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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