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Ambazonian Health Workers Undergo Torture for Treating Restoration Fighters



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Ambazonian Health Workers Undergo torture for Treating Restoration Fighters

By Mbah Godlove

Two Ambazonian medical personnel in Bali Nyonga local government area are being tormented by French Cameroun soldiers for allegedly treating injured Ambazonia Forces.

The health workers including a doctor and a nurse were rounded up at there duty post Sunday July 18, BN has learned.

The act was masterminded barely 24 hours after 5 colonial soldiers were killed by Ambazonian Fighters on the battlefield in Bali Nyonga

BaretaNews is learning that a contingent of French Cameroun soldiers invaded the Bali district hospital on Sunday on the bases that a wounded restoration fighter was receiving treatment at the health facility.

During the invasion, a doctor and a nurse were whisked away. A source told BN that’s the duo are being subjected under server torture.

Human Right Activities have criticized the arrest of the health workers, stressing that it is their duty to provide medical care to every body irrespective of color, race, religion and political leaning.

The arrest of the health workers comes barely 2 month after the government of French Cameroun suspended the activities of doctors without borders in the Northern zone where denizens are in dire need of medical assistance

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